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This post is for both traditional and white weddings.

Flowers add elegance to a wedding. But do you really need them? Well…I’m going to say yes and no. I’m not trying to be a politician by giving
two unclear answers. Let me explain a little.

Wedding Concepts

Yes: flowers are beautiful. They enhance any space. And if you can afford them go ahead and buy as many flowers as you fancy.

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No: Flowers are not cheap. In season flowers are generally cheaper than out of season flowers. By this I mean, if you are getting married in December stay away from Snapdragons, Proteas, Rhododendron, Lobelia. Although these flowers are available in December they’ll probably cost you a pretty penny. When arranging your own flowers get to Multiflora Flower Market.


Humming bee


For traditional weddings
Put your flowers in everyday containers. Think outside the box. Better still, there is just no box, Kettles, enamel mugs, tripots, broomsticks
e.t.c Use your imagination, just because it’s never been done before doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do.

For above average traditional wedding budget
Luxury Tents are a must or you could just hire a fancy venue. Handmade placemats, hanging bubbles combined with flowers will add that luxurious feel to your wedding.

For White Weddings
For small budgets: Tall and short flower arrangements look stunning in any space. Add a few string lights and candles and your space will look

For above average budgets: Ok, so if your budget is above average then you can pretty much do anything you want. I would suggest you hire a
good quality planner. More complex flower arrangements are impossible to achieve without professional. Your planner will definitely know a
florist who can pull off over the top arrangements.

Final thoughts: Stick to your budget. It is tempting to want to have everything but keep things in perspective and have one thing
that is a must have and compromise on everything else.

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