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Wedding Seating Plan

top table plannerTrying to figure out how to fairly seat family and friends is no easy task. Be careful and mindful who sits next to whom. You don’t want to seat aunty so and so next to uncle Bill, if they don’t get along. I think weddings can either bring out the best or worst in people (especially after they’ve had a few glasses of bubbly). You cannot afford to have a big fight break out on your wedding day. You want your wedding to be remembered for the right reasons.

One of the  biggest mistake we made on our day was neglecting to compile a seating plan. We wanted guests to sit wherever they felt comfortable. While this was okay, we never took into consideration the time it would take for all the guests to be seated, and as a result we were behind schedule.

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So here are a few points to remember when compiling a seating plan:

VIP’S: Who are the most important people to you? They are the ones that should be seated next or closer to the top or sweetheart table. Normally the top table will consist of the bride and groom and a set of both parents whereas a sweetheart table is only reserved for the bride and groom (I must admit I love the idea of a sweetheart table).beach wedding escort cards, MARTHA STEWARD

Combine: Don’t just sit guests that know each other next to one another, especially singles, there is a saying in my culture that says spouses are found at weddings, so mix up a little and allow people to mingle, you never know some of your guests might be leaving your wedding with their future spouses.seating plan wedding cakes

Clearly Name or Number Your Tables: By doing so, you will be saving people a lot of aggravation and time. Your guests will know exactly where they should sit.

Place Cards: Place cards are normally a white or cream tent cards with the guest’s full names. There are hundreds of creative, imaginative ways to put your place cards, like on menu cards, escort cards table, photographs of your guests (Oprah Winfrey’s idea), favor boxes etc.

If you find the task of compiling a seating plan daunting, don’t worry companies like Top Table Planner make it easier and convenient to compile one.

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