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Water Angels Changing The World

CHARITY WATER2I know you might be expecting Mood-Board Inspired Monday today but since it is the festive season I thought I’d do something a little bit different. Please don’t worry next week things will be back to normal on the blog. If you have missed last week’s Mood-Board Inspired Monday you can see it here.
There are so many blogs that I have subscribed to. Often times when a new emails pop in my inbox I scroll down to check the most important. This past week I was scrolling down as usual and something court my eye. So I decided to open this particular email from Marie TV. (If you don’t know who Marie is, you can read all about her here). She normally interviews business people  who give invaluable business advice and has a Q&A episodes.

CHARITY WATEROn this episode she was interviewing Scott Harrison. A charity organizer who is very creative at raising money for his charity. His charity is called charity water and it is all about providing clean water in African villages where people have no access to clean water.

I found myself crying all the way through the video. The stories he told really hit home. The one story that left me sobbing for days was about a girl who killed herself after making an eight hour journey to fetch water and just as she was about to enter her village her bottle of water broke. How many other girls would be prepared to take their own lives over spilled water.  I thank GOD for people like Scott Harrison who have selflessly given of their time and money to help someone else.  The difference his charity is making in people’s lives is immensely important. I urge you to donate so that more Wells can be built and that no other girl will have to kill herself over spilled water.

WATERI said that to say this, What Would Life Be like If You Didn’t have Access to Clean Water.If you couldn’t wash yourself because you put your family’s need for water before your own.I think many of us could not survive. Access to clean water is a basic need that everyone should have, regardless of where you were born. So please donate, together we can make a enormous difference in the world.

It will be a brand new year in a couple of days, so let us not forget to be grateful for what we have. Remember someone, somewhere wishes they had a life like yours.  The very small things that we take for granted like clean water, food and a place to live are the very same things someone else is praying for. Please Donate.

For those of you hoping for a proposal in the New Year I hope that God will grant you your wish.

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Ps: see you in the new year

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