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Xhosa Couples Who Rocked Their Traditional Attire

xhosa couples
xhosa couple

Monday Blues? What Monday blues. If you’re feeling a little low today, DON’T. Because, Mondays are happy days here on the blog. I’ve seriously stylish inspiration to share with you today. So find somewhere(preferably a place where your boss won’t find you,lol) and read on. I promise it won’t take more than two minutes but you have to see this inspiration.


xhosa couple

Bontle bride is all about making traditional weddings fashionable forever. Not that they haven’t been but they never make it to press unless if it’s a big celebrity. I’m all for celebrity weddings but I think some of the most extraordinary weddings are of everyday beautiful couples with such grace and style, they deserve to have a platform of their own. Therefore, I’ll keep posting as many weddings as I possibly can. However in many of the weddings I’ve received for a feature, the photographs have been blurry, so, unfortunately, I’ve had to pass on those weddings.


When couples ask for wedding advice I normally say stick to your budget, save on the things that aren’t important to you, however, please don’t skimp on photography. Your photographs and video are the only things you have to show for after the wedding.Today’s post is all about Xhosa couples who rocked their look. I think they deserve a red carpet of their own. Hmm maybe in future I could host an event similar to the Oscars(ha-ha!) to celebrate our beautiful heritage.

xhosa couples

Xhosa Couples Who Rocked Their Traditional Attire

Although I’m a Tswana girl through and through, Xhosa culture fascinates me. Their customs, which are a little similar to the other South African cultures, the way most of them are so proud of their culture and their mannerisms, most of all unapologetic of who they are; like a guy who turned up for a lecture in his Xhosa attire. It’s absolutely
xhoza couples
 lianekim photography
xhosa couple
xhosa wedding
I couldn’t resist posting this gorgeous bride and her sister, her outfit is breathtaking. Love it.
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  1. Namhla Ludaka says:

    I am planning a traditional wedding for 2019. I am looking for places where I can buy the traditional Xhosa outfits. Currently I am in Cape Town. Especially the style worn by couple 3 (Zarazoo.com). Any advice on where we can purchase such outfits and accessories.


    1. Ika says:

      I have no idea Nambla, but I’ll find out for your or maybe you could join my facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/162096567802014/ and ask for the recommendation there. Good luck

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