Traditional Weddings

An Authentic Traditional Xhosa Wedding

Traditional Xhosa weddings are just a sight to behold. I get excited every time I have to feature one. Let me not talk too much. ENJOY

Traditional Xhosa Wedding

How They Met
We met through a mutual friend. I noticed him and said nothing. A few days later I added him on facebook. He inboxed me immediately and told me how much he liked me and that he had seen me before that encounter where I noticed him. We spoke every single day thereafter till the convo moved to WhatsApp and we met up, the rest was history.

Traditional Xhosa Wedding

The Proposal
Well, it was something we spoke about. He didn’t actually propose. He sent his uncles to my house.

Traditional Xhosa Wedding

Yes he paid lobola, it was terribly stressful but then it all ended up working out perfectly.

Traditional Xhosa Wedding

Planning Process
It wasn’t bad at all. We knew exactly what we wanted; a traditional Xhosa wedding with no frills and nothing too modern. We wanted to showcase our beautiful culture.

Traditional Xhosa Wedding
Traditional Xhosa Wedding

Marriage is such a big deal, at what point did you know you were ready.
I knew very early on in the relationship that I had reached my final stop. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that he was the one God had put aside. We were both ready. He is my soulmate.

Traditional Xhosa Wedding

3 Lessons Learned
There were many challenges in the process mainly unexpected finances which forced us to tone down our lifestyle and use every cent wisely in order to ensure everything would be perfect.

I learned to not stress and be calm in any storm that may come my way. I told myself that if this is what God wants for us then it will happen. He will make a way and every single time he came through. When I look back now I actually enjoyed the planning. It taught me to rely fully on my husband and to trust him 100%.

I even told him that even if it meant that we would live in a shack as long as he is by my side that would be the best shack ever ha ha. I told him that our love should weather any storm and it did. We still managed to have fun right up until the weekend before our wedding. We are blessed.

Tips For Couples
Hold on tight, it’s about to be a bumpy ride but the final destination is worth all the speed humps, the tyre bursts, and the road work delays. It’s beautiful, its love.

xhosa wedding

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