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When two African cultures merge together in unity of marriage, you know the outcome will always be beautiful and interesting. Nothulu from Zambia married Lazola from South Africa in an elaborate ceremony followed by a fabulous traditional reception. Having had her three dresses made in South Africa it came as no surprise that the dresses looked seriously stunning on her. Rich factory (her designers) did so well  in creating dresses that Nothulu envisioned and fits her style perfectly. Below she tells us about their Xhosa Zambian Wedding, love story and planning journey. ENJOY!South African and Zambian weddingXhosa Zambian Wedding

The Love Story
“We met in Potchefstroom, we literally have the same mutual friends from our varsity days and childhood!”

The Proposal
“He told me from the beginning that he was dating me with the intention of marrying me. He took charge, made sure that he did everything by the book, sent a letter to my family requesting to
‘pick the beautiful flower from their garden’! I found that so old school and romantic.”South African and Zambian wedding

“My husband and I have Xhosa and Zambian heritage respectively, and we felt it important to have both properly encapsulated in the wedding. We had two changes of outfits. My first outfit (after my main wedding dress) was made by RiChFactory. It incorporated Chitenge material to represent my Zambian heritage. My second outfit, also by RiCh Factory, was Xhosa-inspired, symbolising my acceptance into my new family.”Xhosa Zambian Wedding

The Wedding In 7 Words
“Magical, Springtime, Colourful, Classy, Fun, Timeless, Heartwarming.”

Favourite Part Of The Wedding
“Walking down the aisle with my brother who was giving me away (my dad passed away after the lobola negotiations last year and was so happy for me), and seeing my husband waiting and ready to receive me. I cried my eyes out, it was beautiful.”Xhosa Zambian wedding South African and Zambian weddingXhosa Zambian Wedding

The Wedding Style
“The one thing I wanted was something classy and different. It was really a burst of colour. I wanted a garden wedding, especially since it was Springtime. My bridesmaids had different coloured dresses and their own designs, I really wanted them to be individuals as they are all different and unique. I wanted the wedding to be FUN and it really was!”Xhosa Zambian wedding

The Dresses
“I loved all my dresses, I didn’t cry, I danced in all of them! I was so excited because they came out EXACTLY the way I wanted them to, being the diva that I am, lol!”South African And Zambian Wedding

Zambian weddingZambian wedding.jpgBudget
“We really went over budget, but it was worth it. We even had our photographer come in from South Africa to take our wedding photos. Having our outfits made in South Africa really made a difference.”Xhosa Zambian wedding

The Creative’s Selection
“Our wedding was a destination wedding, and we wouldn’t have made it without a lot of people pulling their weight. My mom lives in Zambia and was beyond amazing; she found the venue of my dreams. We had a wedding planner in Lusaka as well that assisted us. We used family friends and vendors that have a proven track record. My photographer and designers are people we have worked with before and understand our eclectic personalities.”Xhosa Zambian wedding


“Plan as early as you can! Remember that this is a union that you are celebrating! So do exactly that and celebrate it! Not everything will go your way on the actual day, so don’t allow it to affect you negatively. If it isn’t working, don’t push it, hey! There is always a lot of pressure from so many angles, do not allow it to get to you, it isn’t worth it. Have fun!”Xhosa Zambian wedding

What are you most looking forward to in married life?
“Spending the rest of my life with a beautiful, loving soul. We are indeed blessed that God saw it fit to join us together…”

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Photographer: Thabang R Photography 0814781677
Venue: Twangale Park, Lusaka +2609762489097
Dress 1: St Lorient
Dress 2: RiCh Factory
Dress 3: RiCh Factory
Bridesmaids: Thenjie Design Studio 0603061805
Make-Up: Design Innovations
Suits: Different Vendors
Décor/Venue Styling: Twangale Park
Flowers: Design Innovations +260977334766


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